Dental implants – what are they and how do they work?

Permanent replacement teeth may be supported by dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots. Dental implants are a popular and effective long-term option for individuals who suffer from missing teeth, failing teeth, or chronic dental issues, compared to dentures, bridges and crowns. Dental implants are rapidly becoming the new standard in tooth replacement because they look, feel, and operate like natural teeth.

What is it about dental implants that make them feel so safe and comfortable?

As time passes, a titanium implant fixture bonds to the jaw’s live bone cells. There is no slippage or any movement because to its robust and sturdy anchor (which can sometimes happen with dentures). With dental implants, there are no difficulties eating, no need to fix them periodically, and no need to hide your smile.

In general, dental implants are made up of three parts:

A screw that acts as a root for your new teeth is called an implant. This is what connects to your jaw permanently.

In dentistry, an abutment is a permanent but removable connection that keeps a tooth or set of teeth in position.

Thirdly, there is the crown (or artificial tooth) that you can really see. To ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal, it’s often constructed of zirconium or porcelain.

In addition to replacing one tooth, dental implants may also be used to replace a whole upper and/or lower set of teeth. If you need to restore a complete arch, the full mouth treatment may be right for you. In this surgery, surgeons will insert four implants and connect a complete arch of teeth (all teeth, only four implants).

Dentures are being replaced by dental implants, and Victory Dental has emerged as a favored method for dental implant therapy. With a fully-equipped lab on-site, our team of specialists works together to create beautiful smiles for our patients.

There is just one team in the company. There is just one fee. It’s just one place. That’s the true beauty of Victory Dental implants.

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