What is a dental emergency, and how does it happen?

It’s any condition that presents an urgent danger to the health of your teeth and supporting tissues that constitutes a dental emergency. The most common cause of dental emergency is a trauma to the mouth, although they may also be caused by an infection. Any dental emergency should be examined by a specialist as soon as possible to guarantee the best potential result.

When should I expect to be seen?

You should call your dentist first if you are suffering a dental emergency. When it comes to your treatment choices, your general dentist will be able to give you some advice and, if required.  Most dental emergencies may be treated at our office Victory Dental the same day, that is located in Towson, MD.

Pain Free Emergencies

In certain cases, dental emergencies may not be accompanied by pain at first. To provide another example, if a tooth is broken, the pain may be negligible, but it may lead to root damage because of the underlying nerve damage. This is why you require care, even if pain is not evident.

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Teeth Cleaning

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Root Canal and Endodontics

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